WooCommerce Plugin Integration

Documentation on how to integrate WiPay  WooCommerce Plugin into your WooCommerce website so that customers can checkout and pay using WiPay.

Step 1: Sign Up for a Wipay Account 



Step 2: Update Bank Info

We wire transfer within 3 days to the following banks

  • FirstCaribbean Int’L
  • First Citizens Bank
  • Scotia Bank Trinidad
  • Republic Bank LTD
  • Jmmb Bank
  • RBC Royal Bank Trinidad and Tobago
  • Citibank
  • Bank of Baroda



Step 3: Update Merchant Key

The merchant key will be used to verify each transaction. Every transaction produces a unique hash. The developer should verify this hash using their merchant key.


Step 4: Install Wipay Plugin (Ver 1.0)



Step 5: Configure Plugin in Woocommerce settings



Customers are redirected to a secure hosted checkout page where they would enter their credit card information. All reporting in the wipay dashboard is disabled for Sandbox


CSandbox test card numbers(Any expiry and CVV2)

Our Rates

3% + 5TT per transaction. These rates are automatically deducted in the dashboard.

How do you get the money to your bank?

Simply go to the Withdraw Tab and enter an amount to withdraw (>100 TT)