WIPAY is not your traditional bank account

Open an account in 1 minute

One easy online form – just fill out a few details open to all, no credit checks. Receive your Visa card instantly and make payments right away

Bank Wire Transfer


You can fund your WIPAY account with a bank wire transfer by USD or TTD. Also, new currencies will be available soon.

Please take into consideration that accepting third party deposits are strictly forbidden for both Personal & Business accounts, and funds must be received from a bank account held in your name or company name holder of WIPAY account. Our bank instruction details will be provided once requested from inside your private account.

Credit Cards


The uploading amounts in USD are limited to the following conditions:

  • The amount of one upload must be more than $5.00 but not less than $500.00

  • Maximum uploading per day must not exceed $500.00

  • Maximum uploading per month must not exceed $1500.00

WIPAY Prepaid Cards


We are offering you the easy and safe way to add funds to your account using WIPAY Prepaid Cards.

WIPAY Prepaid Cards are available in the following values: 10, 30, 50, 100, 300, 500 & 1000 TTD. You can purchase WIPAY Prepaid Cards from any Lotto booth.

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