Know Your Customer (KYC) Table

WiPay Account Status, what does it mean? And what can I do?

UnVerified Verified
Personal/Business Personal Business
Sole Trader Limited Company Non-Governmental Organization
What do I need?
Nothing! Sign Up is FREE! Atleast two (2) documents.
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The required documents differ based on your Business' structure.
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What can I do?
Take a tour of our WiPay products, platform and services! Make Payments online from your WiPay Wallet [1]
Download & Test WiPay plugins for Credit Card and Voucher (Sandbox Environment) Transfer money from your WiPay Wallet to your Bank Account, or to other WiPay Wallets [2]
Load your WiPay Wallet with funds from your Bank Account, Credit Card, or Cash Voucher
Note: Bank Account loading is Coming Soon!
Scan to Pay! (QR Code) [3]
Send Invoices [4]
Get a Business Key and get full access to Voucher and Credit Card APIs
Recieve payments online LIVE!
What are my limits?
[2] $50.00 TTD (Minimum) Unlimited!
[2][4] $3000.00 TTD (Maximum)
[3] $1000.00 TTD (Maximum)
NOTE: Not all fees, limits and features are listed, or final. If you have any questions regarding the information shown here, please Contact Us.