Instant Card Issuance

Temporary Instant Debit Cards

Instant card issuance services from WiPay allow institutions to provide customers with new or replacement Visa® or MasterCard® debit or payout cards on the spot, in branch locations.
WiPay offers an integrated approach to card issuance – centrally issued cards for the majority of your programs, with an instant issue solution for new accounts and lost or stolen card replacement.

Open an account in 1 minute

One easy online form – just fill out a few details open to all, no credit checks. Receive your Visa card instantly and make payments right away

Our Instant issue cards offer many benefits and great features



Low-risk alternative with low cost

Fast implementation

Cards can be issued immediately

No investment

No hardware or software required

EMV chip

Available EMV chip cards
With our instant issue cards branch personnel can pull a non-personalized card from the secure vault, enter the information into the processing system and hand the card to the customer. The card can be used immediately to make purchases until a fully personalised, permanent card arrives in the mail from Wipay.
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