Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Step 1: Sign up for a FREE WiPay account using the Sign Up button on our website 

Step 2: Add bank account details and upload associated documents using the account portal or email the supporting documents to
NOTE: Due to Central Bank regulations, only a Business bank account in such company’s name can be added to a Business WiPay account – not a Personal bank account. (Commingling of funds)

Step 3: WiPay’s Team will verify the bank account information and documents and upgrade account once requirements are met.

Step 4: WiPay will assign a unique Developer ID to the WiPay account once account has successfully been verified.

Step 5: Business then creates their own unique Business key using the Developer tab when logged in to their account.

Step 6: Download Plugin off of WiPay’s website under Support – Developer “API documentation.”

Step 7: Business’ developer integrates payment gateway on to business’ website. Business key and Developer ID found under the Developer tab of the business’ WiPay account would be needed to activate the plugin. As an integrated solution, customers can pay with WiPay using:

  • Credit Card
  • WiPay  Top Up Voucher code
  • WiPay Wallet

NOTE: You will receive a confirmation notice at the end of every successful transaction! If using Sandbox mode (testing) no charges would be made.

Step 1: Sign up for a FREE WiPay account using the Sign Up button on our website (There is no sign up cost)

Step 2: Upload your photo and all associated documents using your account portal or email the supporting documents to

Step 3: WiPay’s Team will verify your personal account information and documents and upgrade your account once requirements are met.

Step 4: You’re ready to go!

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a process by which financial entities obtain information about the identity and address of the customers. This is required under the rules and regulations of the Central Bank.


Depending on what you need WiPay for, we have a solution for you. Level 1 allows you to sign up with WiPay and get a feel for the application and platform. Level 2 is for personal use and requires personal documentation to be submitted. Level 3 is for Merchant/Business use only and must be supported by business documentation.

Click here to view the KYC Table

WiPay vouchers can be purchased nationwide at any WiPay Top Up Location. To use the voucher, it will cost an additional TTD$5 so be sure to purchase TTD$5 more than your desired amount on purchase!

The minimum value of a voucher that can be purchased is TTD$20. If you purchase a voucher for TTD$20, the additional TTD$5 will be deducted from this therefore the value you will end up with in your WiPay account will be TTD$15.

The maximum value of a voucher that can be purchased is TTD$3000.

Payments between Merchants and customers are monitored in real time therefore transactions will appear on merchant’s transaction log in their WiPay account immediately after a successful transaction has been made.

Transfers between merchants’ WiPay account and bank account take 5 working days before it appears in Merchant’s bank account.

Using the “Withdraw Money” tab on one’s WiPay Merchant Account, money can be transferred from a WiPay Account to the pre-approved Business Bank account that has been attached to the profile.

Currently, the withdrawal feature is available to transfer money to Business bank accounts ONLY. Funds that reside in an Individual’s WiPay Account can only be used to make purchases wherever WiPay is accepted.

No. WiPay is a platform that accepts existing credit cards.

There is no cost to move money from WiPay Account to WiPay Account, rather there is only a fee to load money in to your WiPay account. This fee is TTD$5.00. Credit Card fees are 3% + TTD$5.00. To upload money from a Bank Account Transfer or WiPay Top Up Voucher is TTD$5.00.

For information on fees between merchant and personal accounts, please click here.

You do not need a website to use WiPay. Businesses can utilize our invoicing/request payments feature. Customers can complete payments using the feature with or without a WiPay account.

The WiPay app is coming soon.


List of WiPay Locations

Arima Jireh Jewelry and Creation Ltd Store K Arima Shopping Plaza, EMR 310-4149
Blanchisseuse D’ Food Calabash Grocery No.147 La Fillette Village 467-0908
Chaguanas Pinkys Selection Ramsingh Sports World, Southern Main Road 727-6057
Chaguanas VTDC Services 139 Edinburgh Southern Main Road, Chase Village 313-2036
Couva Fotocraft Limited Balmain Main Road 636-2349
Curepe Tuffy’s Restaurant & Bar 165 Southern Main Road 465-5935
Diego Martin NLC Tech Solutions Company Limited Lp #130 Diego Martin main road 467-6053
Petit Valley Bodega – Sips, Snax & Stuff 7 West Hills Commercial Plaza, Morne Coco Rd 231-4600
Piarco Sound Solutions #237 St. Helena Village 372-6553
Point Fortin Wayne Investments 80 Point Fortin Main Road 648-6789
Port of Spain Insta Mobile #74 Frederick St 320-7490
Port of Spain Kesh’s Place #131 Duke St. 331-0596
Port of Spain St. Christopher’s Service Station #23 Wrightson Road 225-4545
Port of Spain Tech Access Booth #1 Aboutique mall Federick Street 323-6359
Port of Spain Zoom Tech Henry Street Aboutique mall 288-5712
Port of Spain Media City Charlotte Street, Bradford mall 624-3902
Port of Spain ThaBoom Nails #38 Henry Street 476-2456
San Fernando Pitcher Electronics Ltd 12 Gooding Village, Cipero Street 228-9864
San Fernando Tip Top Kids Clothing Company Ltd 13 Lazzari Street, Mon Repos 292-0695
San Juan El Socorro Mini Plaza Ltd Corner Mohammedville and El Socorro Road 674-5538
San Juan Jovizna Tours Limited #183 Lower El Socorro Road 638-5391
San Juan Ican Stationery and Party Supplies #27 Aranguez Main Road, 610-5555/473-0755
Sangre Grande Jireh Jewelry and Creation Ltd Grande shopping center, EMR the second kiosks on the left 310-4149
St James TAV Mobile 2nd Floor, Long Circular Mall 620-6203
St James Ming Golden Stars Trading #47 Western Main Road 375-8499
St. Augustine Medi-Time Pharmacy Ltd #86 Evans Street 663-6334
Tobago Bright Tech Communications – Digicel Dealership Gulf City Mall, Lowlands 362-6677
Tobago Bella Cosmetics (Key Computer Solutions Ltd) Wilson Road, Scarborough (Next to Royal Castle) 639-1858
Tobago Bella Cosmetics (Key Computer Solutions Ltd) Milford Road, Crown Point (Next to Chef BBQ) 639-1858
Tunapuna Café de Escencia #215 Eastern Main Road, El Dorado 760-3991
Valencia Winners Corner 89 Eastern Main Road (Opposite Police Station) 465-3270
WoodBrook The Avenue Pharmacy 95 Ariapita Avenue 222-1343